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Our values

Customer focus

Developing  the services that our company offers with the highest level of customer satisfaction, creating occasions that answers our customers expectations in future and supplying permanence in trust in our customer profile is our basic principal.


Based on our company’s success is related with the thought of our employee’s success and happiness are in direct proportion making our employee’s satisfaction in the highest level within our principals and creating enviroment to supply our employee’s social and professional development.  

Strategy development

The  values that changes with time expresses new trends and the companies which could not go on with this new trends in every sector of business the fact that  understand the development process followed by the construction sector is to produce future projects and to lead the industry.


Doing  a  self- assesment continuously, researching for higher productivity and practising these researches.

Environmental Consciousness

Create added values in nature and  sphere.


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Friday, 01 February 2013 12:34

Our mission

Contributing our society’s economics,culture and social development by ;

Making  cooperation with our suppliers with a work understanding of respect to human and enviroment.

Giving importance to our employee’s education.

Supplying high quality, secure products which are suitable to legislation conditions  that  are beyond our customers expectations and satisfaction.



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Our vision

Developing our company and making our competitiveness permanent by  providing  high  quality and healthy products  that our customers can use them with contentment.


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